5 Best Cat Bunk Beds 2020

Do you have more than one cat? Are you looking for a single structure that can accommodate them without taking much space? Do you have their comfort at heart? If you answer yes to these three questions, then you need a cat bunk bed. 

Cats are exceptional pets, and caring for them requires you to offer them a satisfactory ounce of comfort. Cat bunk beds are growing increasingly popular due to the ease and space economization they provide. They also give this pretty dormitory feeling, which can be so cool.

We’ve taken our time to comb through the net, as well as try out some of the cat bunk beds out there. And finally, we arrived at the five best cat bunk beds for every feline pet owners. In this article, we’ll be doing some reviews on these products and why they stand out among others.


What Are Cat Bunk Beds

Cat bunk beds are multi-layered beds with separate bed space for two or more cats. They come in different shapes and sizes, but their working principle is generally that each cat would have a space that is separate from others. The arrangement can greatly eliminate fur pulling and attacks among your pets since everyone will become a boss of its own.


Things to Consider When Buying Cat Bunk Beds

Before you hit the online or retail store to get your cats a new home, it’s expedient you consider the following.

#1. Shape

There are several shapes to choose from. Some bunk beds look like traditional dormitory bunks, while some are shaped like treehouses. Each design has its peculiarity and can determine the level of comfort your cat would receive. Most of them are also fitted with scratch posts to ensure your cats have something to pass the time with.

#2. Size

Often, pet owners buy bunk beds that are either too large or too small for their cats. There is no “one size fits all.” Before you place that order, ensure that its dimension can house the biggest cat in the home. However, exceedingly large bunk beds will deny your cats the warmth it desires.

#3. Openings

Some cat bunk beds are designed to have openings on three or four sides while some have just one opening with which the cat can go in or come out. This arrangement significantly affects the amount of heat that your cat would receive.

#4. Number of bunks

We’ve found double bunks beds to be very common. But they are just as common as triple bunk beds. Before you buy, it’s advisable you take the number of cats you have into consideration. While double cat beds will ensure less cat bickering, triple will help save space as long as your furry friends can coexist without tantrums.

#5. Materials

The materials of construction have a significant role in determining the durability of your cat bunk beds. Common materials include hardened cardboards and sisal ropes. Nonetheless, some bunk beds are made of wood, which offers more stability.

We’ve seen a few that are made of metal. Although metals offer high stability, they are known to have a low temperature, which may adversely affect the health of your cats.


5 Best Cat Bunk Beds Reviews

While we can’t rate any of these as being superior over the other, each of them has great features that make them distinguished and an excellent buy for you.

#1. MidWest Curious Cat Bunk Bed

The Midwest Curious Cat Bunk Bed was made every bit with your cat in mind. It provides a compact yet comfy support for your feline pets. Just in case your cat is the introverted type who loves to lounge all day, this beautiful cat cube will give it the privacy it crazes for, featuring just one large opening for it on each level of the bunk bed. 

Cats naturally love to scratch things. Fortunately, this cat cube comes fitted with a large Sisal scratching panel to meet the needs of your pet.It’s neutral soft brown faux suede and synthetic sheepskin blends in perfectly with any home decor. Also, it’s quite easy to set up as well as demount when not in use.

Size is always an issue when it comes to trying to find the right cat cube. It’s either too small or absurdly too large. Fortunately, this problem has been solved in this spacious cat bunk. The bunk bed can fit two cats. It has its perfect fit dimensions as 14.6L x 14.72W x 30.39H inches and weighs only 14.6 pounds when assembled.


  • Brown faux suede & synthetic sheepskin that blends in perfectly with any home decor 
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to assemble & dismount when not in use for easy storage
  • Cushioned bed topper for more fun and relaxation
  • Two entrances


  • Limited color selection (available in only the color brown)

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#2. CO-Z 4 in 1 Multi-Functional Cat Bunk Bed, Scratching Post

The Coz-Z 4 in 1 bunk bed can meet virtually all your cat needs in one single piece. It offers so much space for your cat to run around, jumping, hunting, lounging, and what have you.

It features a warm and plush fabric design, which provides the perfect ambiance for your cats whenever they choose to rest or take a nap. It also has a sisal panel for your cats to scratch all they want. Without a doubt, it will save your furniture from being the object of feline attacks.This heavy-duty cat bunk bed can be transported easily. It has its dimensions as 27.6″x 15.8″ x 31.5″ and has a total weight of 17.4 lb. Meaning, even with all the cat goodness it offers, it still manages to save space.

It also offers sturdy support for your kittens, as its base is super stable all the way. 2 adult cats can fit in comfortably.

Surprisingly, its multi-functional nature doesn’t affect its installation process. You can easily assemble this cat bed within minutes of going through the manual. More so, you don’t have to fear for your kitten’s hygiene, as you can also detach it as easily as you fixed it in case you ever need to wash. 


  • Measures at 27.6” x 15.8” x 31.5.”
  • Detachable design for easy washing 
  • PVC frames as well as 15.8″ x 31.5″ base ensures stability
  • Comes fitted with cat tower house, cat bed, cat climber, peek holes, sisal lined scratching Post & dangling Toy
  • Climber & Duplex Beds
  • Ultra-Stably Built
  • Can fit 1 -2 cats comfortably


  • It’s unfoldable 
  • Maximum weight capacity is 17.6 lbs.

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#3. FEANDREA Cat Bunk Bed with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts

This multi-tiered cat tree provides a great relaxation experience for your furry friends. Feandrea cat tree is an awesome combo of functionality, quality, and comfort. 

It features two comfy and roomy condos for your cats to easily curl up and nap. You can hang dropping toys in them to entertain your feline friends. It comes with a plush basket and top perch for your cat to rest its head after a long day.You also don’t have to worry about your cats destroying your precious furniture, as the Feandrea cat bunk bed comes with sisal lined scratching post. Reinforced posts are covered entirely with natural sisal ropes to ensure your cats can scratch all it wants, keeping them far away from other pieces of furniture like a sofa. 

The Feandrea cat house is quite durable and sturdy. Made from high quality, natural particle boards, and fortified with battens at the bottom, you’re assured of stability for your cat. It also features double security fittings to prevent toppling.


  • Sisal lined scratching post 
  • Material: Particle Board, Plush, Sisal Rope, Paper Tube
  • Dimensions of 23.6″ L x 19.7″ W x 60.2″ H 
  • Designed to accommodate only one cat
  • CARB-certified natural particle boards


  • Limited color selection; available in only light gray and smoky gray shades 
  • May not be optimal for larger cats.

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#4. FEANDREA Cat Bunk Bed for Large Cats

The Feandrea Cat Bunk Bed is a fabulous choice for providing an environment for your cats to play as well as rest. It is designed to comfortably accommodate two cats.

This sturdy cat tree is fashioned from high density supporting tubes and compressed cardboard glued together. It creates a firm hold, guarantees your cat’s safety, and ensures the cat tree remains stable and fixed.It also has a wedge that can be driven into the wall as support to prevent the bed from tipping over. For more safety, the bunk bed is built with anti-tippers and thick sisal rods to withstand the weight of your cats. The reinforced baseplate accounts for extra stability.

The Feandrea Cat Bunk Bed takes your cats’ scratching needs into cognizance. It has multiple sisal scratch posts to keep them engaged enough to spare your furniture from their paws. Irrespective of the size of your cats, this bed has compelling dimensions that will adequately house them. It’s also very easy to assemble, whether you are tech-savvy or not.


  • Widened top perch
  • Supported with battens at the base
  • anti-toppling fittings are included for double security
  • Thickened scratch post
  • Dual condo playhouse 
  • Material: CARB-Certified Particle Board, Plush, Sisal Rope
  • Dimensions of 23. 6″L x 15. 7″W x 33. 1″H 
  • It can house 1 – 2 cats comfortably
  • Product Weight: 24lbs. (10. 9kg) 


  • Limited color selection: This cat tree comes in only beige, light grey, and smoky grey Shades 

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#5. New Cat Condos Cat Bunk Bed

Built from high-quality materials to ensure long-term durability, the New Cat Condos Cat Bunk Bed is fashioned from household carpeting to provide a warm and cozy lounging space for your cats. Luckily, it comes fully carpeted on the inside walls as well. 

It is also made from solid wood, which ensures that the cat tree provides a denser, more durable, and stable structure for your feline friends. The bunk bed features a thick, natural and unoiled sisal rope that provides a longer-lasting and safer playing experience for your kittens.Unlike most cat trees, this one can comfortably fit even the largest of cats due to its 21″ diameter. It also features a large opening for the cat house being 8.5″ wide and 9.5″ high. Due to its size and makeup, it can also serve as a puppy house.

For those who do not know jack or probably do not like assembling things, this kitty condo may be a perfect choice, as it comes fully assembled upon arrival.


  • Comes Fully Assembled and ready to use
  • Handcrafted in the United States 
  • Fashioned from wood, household carpeting, and sonic tubes
  • Its dimensions are 20″ wide by 16″ in height
  • Built to house one adult cat
  • Perfect for large cats and multiple cat households


  • It has just one opening

>> Check Price on Amazon <<



Playtime has never been more exciting. These cat bunk beds cater to the most salient needs of your cats to ensure they stay happy all day. Whichever one you finally opt for, you can rest assured that your furry friends will have thanks written all over their faces. 

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