5 Best Cat Houses 2020

Our four-legged furry friends are important members of our families and deserve as much respect and care as others. Where they stay in our homes is just as important as the meal they eat and their overall well-being. Since they are picky about their environment, it may be a little difficult getting the best cat houses for them.

It’s not enough to get a simple carton or a swaddling piece of cloth for them to rest their heads. They can be vulnerable to diseases if they stay in the wrong place for long. So in this article, I’ll help you eliminate the difficulty of getting a house for your cat.

First, we’ll look at the important things you should look out for when buying a new cat house. Then, we’ll review the five best cat houses you should definitely buy for your feline buddies.


What Is A Cat House

Just as the name goes, a cat house is a structure built specifically for housing a cat. It can be a simple condo, cube, or treehouse. Some of them come with beds or mats to keep your cat in perpetual comfort.


Why Buy A Cat House

Although cats can be quite picky, they don’t mind sleeping anywhere they find to be closest to their standards. So what’s the point in buying a cat house?

  • Cats would always pick a secured house over your couch. They crave a safe place they’ll call theirs.
  • Cat houses with plush fittings give your cats more comfort than what you can gain while sleeping elsewhere.
  • Some cat houses come with scratch pads that keep your cats busy and will save your furniture from being the focus of their sharp claws.
  • Outdoor cat houses provide your cat with shelter against tough weather.


Things to Consider When Buying Cat Houses 

The secret to buying a good cat house is identifying its distinct features and comparing them with other cat houses. These are what you should look out for when buying a cat house.

#1. Material

There are a lot of possible materials from which cat houses are made, which includes treated wood, plush fabric, plastic, etc. If you’re getting an indoor cat house, plush fabrics will serve. But if it’s an outdoor cat house, plastics and treated wood will give the most durability. You should avoid cat houses made of metal because they can get pretty cold and affect the health of your cat.

#2. Size

Some cat houses are quite small and are designed to accommodate just one cat. Others can house two or more. If you have more than one cat and don’t want to invest in separate cat houses, then you need to buy a big cat house. Ensure you check the dimensions of cat houses before you buy them.

#3. Doors

Doors don’t just serve as entrance points but also as exit points in case of emergency. The number of doors it has will go a long way in determining if the cats will escape an accident. You need to look out for cat houses that have at least two exists positions at two different sides of the house.

#4. Waterproofing

This is an important subject, especially for outdoor cat houses. Due to their constant exposure to harsh weather conditions, you need a cat house that won’t absorb water when the rain starts to pour down. Cold can lead to a series of feline diseases, so you’ve got to avoid it.

#5. Assembly

One of the turn-offs of cat houses is their assembly. There are lots of beautiful cat houses, but they require the services of an expert to install. If you have the luxury of time and a few bucks to hire someone to do that for you, then it’s great. Else, your gaze should be on cat houses that are exceedingly easy to set up. Manufacturers understand this that’s why they often include assembly manuals in each package of their products.

#6. Heated or unheated

Heated cat houses are equipped with thermostats to ensure your cats get extra heat to help that will maintain their natural temperature. Unheated cat houses don’t supply any heat whatsoever. Some cat houses have both variants. Before you place an order, always look out for this and decide what’s best for your cat, especially in winter.


5 Best Cat Houses Reviews

Arriving at this list was a journey that required us to analyze lots of cat houses, most of which we tried, and we also considered the reviews of other cat owners.

#1. ecoFLEX Albany Outdoor Feral Cat House

The ecoFLEX Albany Outdoor Feral Cat House is a high-quality cat house specially made for that cat that loves spending its time outdoors. It’s made of the patented ecoFLEX material, which is a safe, non-toxic, and recycled plastic-wood polymer. 

The material is renowned for its tenacity. It doesn’t crack, split, rot, or wrap and very immune to the activities of insects.Equipped with two exits and flap doors, this outdoor cat house offers safety and comfort for your cat. It’s totally waterproof and can remain in the rain all day long with getting soaked up. It’s pretty easy to set up and lovely at the same time.


  • Waterproof
  • For outdoor use
  • It does not crack, split, or rot
  • Two safety exits
  • Made of non-toxic materials
  • Easy to assemble


  • It cannot house two large cats

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#2. Petsfit Outdoor Cat House Weatherproof, Sturdy for Play and Hide

A first look at this cat house, and you’d love its sophistication. The Petsfit Outdoor Cat House is nothing short of unique and exciting. It’s multi-level with arrangements that allow your cats to jump and climb as much as they want.

It’s a pretty sturdy cat house that can hold as much as five cats, all thanks to the solid wood it’s made of. It’s designed with natural cedar which is rot-proof.The cat house has only one entrance. But to ensure a fun time among your cats, there are four pre-drilled holes that are large enough for any cat to run in and out.

Its waterproof roof makes it suitable to be installed outdoors. The beautiful architecture is perfected with water-based paint to ensure that rain doesn’t mess up its walls.


  • Made of solid wood
  • It’s multi-levels
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes
  • Can hold 1 to 5 cats
  • Waterproof roof


  • Since it’s not entirely covered, cats will be exposed to rain

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#3. Petsfit Outdoor Cat House with Escape Door and Scratching Pad

This is yet another great and uniquely sophisticated piece from Petsfit. This Petsfit Outdoor Cat House is a true definition of ‘high quality.’ It’s made from the formidable cedar wood, which is famous for its tenacity, doggedness, and resilience.

Each of the panel walls is 12mm thick, making it unequivocally sturdy. It comes with a scratchpad for that cat that loves to claw, keeping it busy for as long as it wants.The cat house is specifically built for outdoor purposes, boasting of heightened durability. It has raised floors that prevent water from getting inside. Three cats can fit into it comfortably. Also, there are two exits, so your cats don’t feel trapped.


  • Made of cedarwood
  • Scratching pad for clawing cats
  • Two exits
  • Panel walls are 12mm thick
  • Waterproof with raised floor
  • Can hold 1 – 3 cats


  • Though it boasts of being easy to assemble, some users still find it pretty difficult to do so.

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#4. Petsfit Outdoor Cat House with Escape Door and Stairs

Cat houses should offer not only shelter but also some elements of fun. This Petsfit Outdoor Cat House is a true reflection of this. It comes with stairs that allow your cats to jump around.

Made from high-quality cedarwood, it’s quite sturdy and rot-proof. The panel walls are 12mm thick and the cat house has been tested to hold up to three cats with a cumulative weight of 36 pounds.In line with safety regulations, it has an escape door for emergency purposes and to also give your cat a certain sense of comfort and security.

The cat house is not just waterproof, but it’s finished with water-based paint to ensure it doesn’t lose its beauty by being exposed to continuous rainfall. It has pre-drilled holes to ease the assembly process. 


  • Made of cedarwood
  • Two exit doors
  • Painted with long-lasting water-based paint
  • Panel walls are 12mm thick
  • Waterproof roof
  • Ideal for up to 3 cats
  • Pre-drilled holes for ease of assembly


  • Despite the pre-drilled holes, it’s a bit difficult to assembly for some people

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#5. Kitty City Stackable Cat Cube/ Cat Condo

The Kitty City Stackable Cat Cube is a cat house in a league of its own. Even from a distant look, you would notice its beautiful grey color that is pretty appealing. It comes in both outdoor and indoor variants.

Whichever one you opt for, you can rest assured that your cat will bask in tremendous comfort. It has a condo with a two-way exit and a stackable cube on the top. Your cat can always play on the Perch or have some cozy time with any of the four plush polyester pillows. It’s made of sturdy fabric walls that won’t topple irrespective of how your cats plays around in it. This is one of the easiest structures to assemble without the need for special skills and expertise.


  • Grey colored
  • Made of fabric walls
  • Comes with four plush polyester pillows
  • A perch for fun time
  • Two-way exit
  • Can hold 1 – 2 cats comfortably
  • Easy to assemble


  • Fabric walls are not exactly great for rainy environments

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A good cat house will go a long way in showing your furry friends how much you care for them. All the reviewed products are unique in their ways and offer a good return for your cash. So what are you waiting for?

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