5 Best Cat Tree 2020

Climbing, sleeping above the ground and scratching are in the nature of cats. In fact, when your cats have a befitting environment for these activities, they tend to be happier.

But most cat owners are unknowingly depriving their cats of these needs. Interestingly, having a cat tree for cats can help satisfy their natural instincts.

You may be giving your cat the best care, but when they can’t climb, scratch or sleep above the ground, they will naturally be unhappy.

Let me tell you this – finding a reliable cat tree can be challenging. With several unreliable brands of the cat tree in the market parading themselves the best, you need to be very careful when you want to get one.

Generally, cat trees play an important role in cat life. They contribute immensely to the well-being of these pets.

In this article, we’ve laid out all the steps and guides to help you make the best pick from the tons of products on the market.

Here are the cat trees we’ll be reviewing:


Choosing the Best Cat Trees


There are several brands of the cat tree in the market. But you have to consider certain factors before you buy any brand for your cat.

Below are some of the things you should look out for when picking a cat tree.

Construction and Design

Structure and appearance are something you shouldn’t neglect when choosing a cat tree. It is advisable to go for the right design that suits you and your cat.

Be thorough in your research and ensure that the design you are choosing is made of quality materials. With a sturdy and quality material, a cat tree will always be durable.


Weight is an important consideration when choosing a cat tree. I always advise cat owners to opt for a lightweight tree for portability and easy carriage.

If the furniture is not too heavy, you can quickly assemble and disassemble it without calling anyone for assistance.

Your Cat’s Age

The age of your cat determines the type of tree you are buying. You can choose a small tree if your cat is old and doesn’t play around too much.

There are trees with spacious perches and beds for older cats to play without too much climbing.

But if your cat is younger and more active, you should consider a tall tree. It will give the cat more spaces for climbing, playing, and scratching.

Ease of Maintenance

When admiring a cool and cute looking cat tree, don’t forget to consider its maintenance. A cat tree that is difficult to maintain is a nightmare, it will steal your time and energy.

Don’t confound things for yourself. Buy a less complicated tree that will be easy for you to clean and maintain.


Best Cat Tree Review


The importance of having a cat tree cannot be overemphasized. For a start, it gives your cat outlet for instinctual activities. Also, most cat trees encourage cats to exercise and engage in activities that will make them smarter and healthier.

From my own experience, I noticed that my cats always feel secure whenever they perch on a cat tree. Perhaps, it is because it gives them ample viewing which makes them feel safe.

In all, there are pros and cons to all the brands and models of cat tree out there, no one is entirely flawless. Even the best brands also have their own shortcomings.

But we have come up with an objective review of some selected cat trees. This will guide you in making your final decision.

FEANDREA 67” Multi-Level Cat Trees with Sisal-Covered Scratcher Slope

The FLANDRE 67” Multi-Level Cat trees are one of the cat furniture designed to satisfy your cat’s natural instincts. It has a well-designed structure that gives coziness and space to your feline friends, thus making them live naturally.It is a multi-layered playhouse that gives an exceptional napping experience to your cats. Its raised edge 3 plush perches enable your feline friend to comfortably rest on its head while watching over the house.

What I love most about FEANDREA 67” Multi-Level cat trees are the natural particles boards at the bottom to make it stable. And the anti-toppling fittings; doubling the security of the tree.

It comes with a Sisal-covered scratching post that helps to promote exercise for your cats. This allows them to jump around.

Without a doubt, this cat tree is perfect for large cats as well as a multiple-cat household. It is durable and stable. But it takes time to set up, and it is relatively expensive.

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PetPals Paper Rope Natural Bowl Shaped with Perch Cat Tree

The PetPals paper rope is a cat tree you can buy for your home. Its size is perfect for cats with about 25lb.

The tree is designed with fleece and paper rope that contributes to its stability and gives comfort for your cat to rest. It is very spacious and provides enough room for pets to jump and play.Most cat owners love this cat tree because it is eco-friendly, fashionable, easy to put together, and cats love the perches.

But the top mat is not removable for cleaning, this makes it a bit difficult to maintain. And it is too short, especially if your house has high windows.

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Go Pet Club 62 – Inch Cat Tree

Go Pet Club is an excellent cat tree that will provide a comfortable environment for your cat to climb, scratch, and sleep. It is easy to set up and very affordable.

Even though it is not as large as most cat trees in the market, it is still a perfect choice for people with one or two cats.All the support bars in this tree are mostly covered with sisal ropes for scratching. It has a carpeted small top location where your cat can relax and keep watch.

Also, the resting platform in this tree serves as a fantastic napping area for your cat. It is durable and resists unraveling from continuous scratching.

Some parts of these cat trees are designed for smaller cats and kittens. So, it is advisable to watch out when buying it. In other words, it is not recommended if your cats are big.

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Catastrophic Creations Cat Mod Garden Complex – Multiple-Level Cat Hammock & Climbing Activity Center

Are you looking for a cat tree that will bring out the acrobat in your cat? I think the catastrophic creations cat mod garden complex is perfect for the task.

It is designed to give cats a healthy outlet to fulfill their climbing needs. The fabric in the tree can easily be removed, this makes maintaining it very easy.It has some cat-friendly plants which will give your cat a sense of being in the wild. The catastrophic creations cat mod garden complex is durable and relocatable.

The designs of this castle are unique and imaginative, it will undoubtedly evoke any cat’s natural instinct. It has a broad shape that allows your cats to have their own territory. This will make them feel secure.

You may need a level of carpentry skill to be able to assemble this tree.

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Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

This cat tree is ideal for cat owners who don’t have enough space in their house. You can fold it easily for easy storage.It has a natural sisal scratching surface and provides limitless opportunity for cats to explore, play or relax. Although it is small, it still gives cats a healthy outlet to satisfy their natural instinct.

Also, it is suitable for cats of all ages and activities level. It is very affordable and reliable.

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