5 Best Dog Training Collar 2020

Having a pet dog is great. They are smart, provide security around your home, improve your social life, and promote fitness.

However, dogs can be very annoying. In fact, they tend to knock things over and sometimes fight with other dogs. But with the right training, you will be able to correct undesirable behaviors in your dog.

Training collars will enable you to inculcate the right behavior in your dog. A typical training collar uses a mild electric shock or vibration to enforce obedience in dogs.

Training collars do not just correct behavior, but also help you get rid of habits that are likely to put your dogs at risk. These wonderworking training collars help keep your dog’s behavioral irregularities on a minimal.

In this informative piece, we’ve laid out all the steps and guides to help you make the best pick from the tons of products on the market.

Here are the dog training collars we’ll be reviewing:


Choosing the Right Dog Training Collar


Choosing the right dog training collar requires a little bit of research. With several brands in the market, there are some factors you need to consider when buying a dog training collar for your dog.

Below are some of the factors you should consider before buying a dog training collar for your dog.

Collar Stimulation Mode

Before you decide to choose any training collar for your dog, you should consider the stimulation mode.

Most times, the intensity of a dog training collar depends on its stimulation mode. Generally, dog training collars have three stimulation modes – continuous, momentary, and warning…

These modes operate differently. For instance, the continuous way will shock your dog continuously when trying to correct a behavior. The momentary mode, on the other hand, sends short shocks to dogs, while warning mode sends a signal (In the form of vibration or ringing) before the shock comes.

Dog’s Collar Size

The collar you are choosing must fit your dog’s neck. Otherwise, it will not be comfortable with her. But sometimes, people find it challenging to know the exact size of the training collar that will fit their dog.

It is actually easy to determine the size. Try the training collar on your dog’s neck and try to put your two fingers inside. If your fingers fit in between your dog’s neck and the training collar, it is the right size.

Collar Material Type

I think you should consider your dog’s comfort when you are shopping for a training collar. Basically, shock collars are either made of nylon or leather.

While most dog owners have a preference for nylon over leather collars, some dogs don’t like nylon on them. So, consider the type your dog is comfortable with and make your purchase accordingly.

Collar Distance Range

Every dog training collar has a distance range it covers. And when looking at the range effectiveness of a collar, you should consider how far you want your dog to roam.

The standard range is half a mile, but you can always opt for more if you wish. I don’t think there is a problem when you give your dog too much range. Remember, collars with smaller range could be a problem.

Always remember that the dog training collar you decide to buy may have its own pros and cons. The truth is – no one is actually perfect. Still, you must consider your dog’s comfort, collar size, and stimulation mode before you make your pick.

So, we have come up with a few products we believe to be among the best in the market currently.


Best Dog Training Collar Review


Mini Educator – E-Collar – ET-300 ½ Mile Remote Waterproof Training Collar

This is a high dog training collar that is suitable for backyards, competition, hunting, and large field training.

It is a water-resistant dog trainer and has an excellent distance range (half a mile). If you have a 5 pounds or larger dogs, I think this is the right dog training collar for you.

Also, this collar comes with 100 levels of static stimulation as well as tone and vibration only modes.It may interest you to know that this device has a clicker which enables you to teach your dogs new behavior with a positive response.

The mini-educator has a night tracking light on the collar, this is helpful when you take your dog out in the dark.

The device is reliable and provides a tapping sensation rather than a vibration shock. 

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Garmin Sport PRO Bundle Dog Training Collar

The Garmin Sport PRO Bundle is a dog training collar with advanced features. It comes with 4 training buttons for continuous, momentary, vibration, and tone.

It has a handheld button that helps to activate tone signal and vibration control on the device. Also, it comes fully equipped, and you can adjust it to fit into your dog’s neck.The Garmin Sport PRO Bundle has a bark limiter that controls your dog from barking unnecessarily. With this feature, you will worry less about a noisy barking environment.

This dog training collar features a beacon light which allows you to track your dog in a less visible condition.

Before you buy this device, you should know that it has a short battery life. And some dog owners complaints that the bark limiting level has a high shock.

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Dogtra 1900S ¾ mile Range 1 Dog Training Collar System

Dogtra 1900S ¾ mile is a dog training collar system that is designed with a blend of polyester and nylon. It is fully waterproof and designed for dogs as small as 35lbs.

If you have a taste for a high-quality product, I would recommend this product for you.

Also, Dogtra 1900S features 127 customizable level of static stimulation. The device comes with 3 types of correction – nick, constant, and vibration only.It is waterproof and has an LCD screen that displays the level of stimulation and low battery indicator.

Sometimes, this device has inconsistent stimulation and may stop working after short use. But from the buyers’ reviews, we analyzed online, about 80 percent of dog owners who bought this device were satisfied.

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SportDog Brand 425 Family Remote Trainer

The SportDog brand 425 Family remote trainer is a good dog training collar for people with more than one dog.

It works with the range of 500-yard, and you can use the same remote transmitter to train up to 3 dogs. The remote transmitter enables you to set up a frequency level for the shock which ranges from level 0 to 7.This training collar is waterproof, and dog owners can use it in bad weather. It features lithium-ion batteries, and each cell has about 50 to 70 hours per charge.

Overall, I think this dog training collar is great, but it doesn’t have an LCD screen. This makes it difficult to analyze the dial setting in low light.

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PetSpy P620 Training Shock Collar for Dogs

PetSpy P620 is an active dog training collar that helps you can groom your dog’s behavior in a short time. This device is perfect for first-time dog owners.It comes with 3 training modes – electric shock, vibration, and beep trainer. It is suitable for different dogs irrespective of their sensitivity and weight. This premium dog training device has 16 adjustable levels…

It features a blind operation design that enables users to touch and distinguish buttons easily.

PetSpy P620 comes with a free dog training guide including e-books and training videos about shock collars. Sometimes, this device has a strong reaction to dogs.

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