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The only thing better than owning dogs as a pet is having a good relationship with them. Building a relationship with your dog requires more than feeding them; it also involves training them to respond to your instructions and gestures. One of the tools that dogs easily respond to is a dog whistle.

In this article, I’ll be showing you why they are so effective in dog training. More importantly, I’ll be reviewing four of the best dog whistles you can find.


What Is A Dog Whistle?

When growing up, I used to think that every kind of whistle, including the ones used in soccer, could easily pass for a dog whistle. But now I know better. In the simplest terms, “dog whistle” is the generic name of whistles that can be used to train a dog.

One of the significant determinants of a good dog whistle is the sound. Unlike humans, dogs have a unique hearing system that enables them to hear different kinds of sounds that the human ear cannot detect.

I know it sounds crazy, but dogs are not the only ones with this advanced hearing systems. Cats, rodents, and a wide range of other animals fall under this category as well. 

A dog whistle can either be a silent whistle, or a loud whistle. The loud ones are extremely loud and can be heard over long distances. While the silent ones may make you think you’re vainly blowing air into a tube. But as fruitless as that effort may be, your dog can hear its blast loudly and respond accordingly.


How Do Dog Whistles Work?

At one point in time or the other, everyone asked this question, especially when they see a silent dog whistle in action.

So relax, while I demystify it. Dog whistles work on the principle of Sound Frequency. Generally, sounds are measured in decibels (DB) and are transmitted in frequencies (Hz). 

Silent dog whistles generate high pitch sounds at frequencies that are too high for humans to hear. Thus, they were named “silent whistles.”

Amazingly, these seemingly silent whistles are loud enough for dogs and other animals to hear due to their advanced hearing systems.

Loud dog whistles are built to transmit sounds at low frequencies. Their frequency range is between 5Hz to 20KHz, which the human ears can pick. Although the whistle blast is pretty loud, the frequency of its sound is lower than that of silent whistles.

In this article, we’ll review loud whistles. These whistles are often called emergency survival whistles and are in high demand by pet owners.


Why Use A Dog Whistle?

Dog Training

One of the most common uses of dog whistles is for giving out commands to dogs. Initially, all your dog can relate to is the new blast of a whistle. But with proper training, it will get to know what each blast of the whistle means.

You can use different whistle techniques to give your various dog commands. With time, it will get to differentiate what one whistle technique means from another.

What a lot of folks don’t know is that you can train your dog to master the sound of your whistle such that it won’t get bothered when someone else sounds another. Yea, it takes time and much training, but it’s entirely possible.

Further Reach

Let’s assume you go hunting, and your dog may stray about 300 meters away from you. What are you going to do when you need it to come around? 

I know you could have easily dialed its phone if only it has one. Sadly your best shot is to either go after it or to shout its name at the top of your voice until your voice is strained. I really wonder how far your voice can travel when you shout “Lulu” or “Garfield.”

The human voice is limited by distance, just as it is with all sounds. But dog whistles travel a farther distance without stress.

Aversive Training

Dogs respond differently to whistles, but they can come in handy in aversive training to call your dog to order. Aversive training is aimed at discouraging your dog from certain undesired behaviors. You can see it as a little “correction for being naughty.” 

It is a common practice in dog training as long as the dog doesn’t get hurt. Dog whistles can be of immense help here. For best results, you shouldn’t use it regularly, or your dog will get so used to it that it will lose its effectiveness.


The use of whistles, especially the loud ones, started in outdoor activities like farming and hunting. Now, it’s common for life-critical activities including rescue missions.

People who go hiking often go with whistles so they can send distress signals if they get hurt or missing. It’s like an SOS device except that it doesn’t have GPS.


What To Look Out For When Buying Dog Whistles?

I don’t think you should walk into a store and demand for just any dog whistle you see there. You need to be armed with a certain knowledge of how to recognize the real deal. So, I’ll be showing you what to consider before making your pick.


Dog whistles come in two variants: the high pitch ones only animals hear and the “normal” loud ones humans hear. Both of them are cool and can serve perfectly for dog training.

Some dog owners aren’t comfortable with using whistles they can’t hear. If you feel the same way too, then a high pitch dog whistle isn’t for you. You should probably get the loud ones. 


Settling for loud emergency whistles will require you to make the best of choice. Whistles have different loudness. Do you want something simple that doesn’t travel far distance? Or do you need one that can be heard over 500 meters away?

You really should put this into consideration before making an order.


As a dog trainer, I’ve seen various kinds of dog whistles. Each is made up of a material different from others. It’s common to see stainless steel whistles; others are made of aluminum, brass, titanium, etc.

I know a friend who is allergic to all alloys of a particular metal. Certainly, he can’t use any whistle made from that metal. These materials have different features and characteristics that make them perfect for making dog whistles.


It’s not every time you use your whistles at home. Sometimes, you’d want to hit the road with your dog or go hunting. What if the rain catches up with you? Are you going to tie up your whistle in a water-proof material and hide it away?

Really, weather can be funny at times, and your kids can mistakenly drop your whistle in a bucket of water. That’s why you need to know its water resistance capacity. If it’s not water-resistant, you’d have corrosion to worry about.


4 Best Dog Whistles Reviews

I know the pain attached to trying to find the best among these, that’s why we’ve decided to streamline your choice to the very best. It means you don’t have to buy the wrong stuff any longer.

After much reviews and practical use, we’ve been able to create a list of the four best dog whistles you can invest your funds on. Hop in and take a read.

#1. Noopel 2 Pack Emergency High Pitch Dog Whistles 

Noopel 2 Pack Emergency High Pitch Whistle is made of high-grade aluminum alloy. This is a dog whistle you can bank for emergency purposes due to the maximum capacity of sound it can generate.

It has two holes that allow it to generate an ultrasonic sound of 120 decibels. You don’t have to worry about rust, it’s water-resistant and can be used under any weather condition.  A lot of folks find it very useful during hiking, hunting, camping, and other outdoor events. It doesn’t matter how far your dog is from you. A single blast into this silent whistle is all you need for it to come running to you.

Nonetheless, it’s great for dog training. It has a keychain you can wear round your neck so you don’t lose the whistle mistakenly.


  • Water-resistant
  • Aluminum alloy material
  • Two holes
  • Ultrasonic sound of 120 decibels
  • Comes with a keychain


  • It can’t be used for any purpose that is not associated with dogs

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#2. Acme Authentic British Police Whistle by Metropolitan

Even if you’ve not paid a visit to the United Kingdom, you probably would have seen this dog whistle in a couple of U.K. police-related movies. It’s a cylindrical shaped whistle that is made of Nickel-plated brass. All Acme whistles are produced under the best industrial standards.  Unlike some other dog whistles, this one produced a sound between 20Hz to 20KHz. This means humans and animals can hear and respond to it.

It has a hook that can easily fit into your keychain or lanyard. It’s quite portable, having a dimension of 3.25” in length and 0.5” in diameter.


  • Nickel-plated brass material
  • Very loud sound
  • Quite portable
  • Cylindrical shaped


  • Too loud and noisy at times

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#3. Michael Josh Emergency Survival Whistles for Dogs

If you are looking for a super loud dog whistle, then you may have to consider this. The Michael Josh Emergency Survival Whistles for Dogs is nothing like you’ve seen as long as whistle sound is concerned. It has two tubes that jointly produce a sound of 150 decibels.

It comes in a pair, so you get to keep one at home or give it to a loved one. Apart from its other features, I’m in love with its sleek rectangular shape, which makes it very easy to carry around.Each pair has a lanyard to hand the whistle around your neck and carabiner to attach it to your pants or elsewhere. It also has keyrings as well. The whistle doesn’t have a pea, reducing the chances of bacteria formation in it.

You can literally use it under any weather condition, including winter and summer. It is made of stainless steel, which is rust-proof. It is an excellent whistle that you can use in an array of occasions such as camping, dog training, hiking, life-saving, etc.


  • It generates a sound of 150 decibels
  • Rust-proof
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Very loud sound
  • Sleek rectangular shape
  • No built-in pea
  • It has two units per order


  • A sound of 150 decibels can be harmful to the ear when heard continuously and consistently

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#4. TI-EDC Titanium Emergency Dog Whistle

TI-EDC Titanium Emergency Dog Whistle is a highly durable whistle you can use all year round without needing replacement. It’s made of Titanium, which is renowned for its non-corrosive traits. It’s non-toxic and certainly won’t be triggering any allergies. 

It has a length of 1.55 inches and a diameter of 0.31 inches. Although it’s small in size, the feeling it gives to the palm when you hold it is lovely. The whistle is shiny and lustrous; you can wear it as a pendant on your neck using its keychain. Due to the unique features of titanium, the whistle is lightweight and water-resistant.

It’s a common tool among dog trainers, but “search and rescue” teams are growing very fond of it. You can also use it for hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities.


  • Made of Titanium
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Water-resistant
  • 1.55 inches in length, 0.31 inch in diameter


  • The loudness can be harmful to the ear when heard consistently

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