7 Best Heated Cat Beds 2020

Winter is coming, and it promises to bite hard for months. As amazing as the season can be, it won’t be very mild on your furry friends. Cats have a natural craving for warmth and comfort. So, if you’re looking for a cozy place for your cats to rest their heads after the day’s fun, then, heated cat beds are your best bet.

Not having a good bed space may force your cats to share your bed space with you. Worse still, they will lie in the cold, making them susceptible to various health challenges. Finding the best heated cat bed with befitting features for your pet may take some rigorous search.

But don’t worry, we’ve taken care of the rigors for you. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the seven best-heated cat beds you should get for your furry friends this fall or winter. They are just the best and nothing shy of it.


What Are Heated Cat Beds

Heated cat beds are special cat beds that are designed to offer therapeutic and thermal benefits to cats. They are installed with thermostats that provide regular and regulatable heat that will keep your cat warm through cold nights and winter.


Benefits of Heated Cat Beds

Heated cat beds heat up to the normal temperature of cats, which is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. But beyond providing your cats with warmth, these beds have the following benefits:

  • They help your cats live through winter without suffering from feline winter diseases like Hypothermia and frostbite.
  • They ease the joint pains that are common among older cats and arthritic ones.
  • Since your cat is living in its natural optimum temperature, it will develop a higher immunity against infections and diseases.
  • Your cat will quit sleeping in sofas and your bed, thereby reducing its chances of peeing on them.
  • Heated cat beds give your cat more vigor and make it happier and more comfortable.
  • They ease muscle pains that often occur when they strain themselves.


What to Consider When Buying Cat Beds

Before you buy a cat bed, you need to take the following things into consideration:

#1. Size

Always take the size of your cats into account before getting anything that concerns them. I’m sure you don’t want a very small bed that will make the joints of your cats to ache. Also, excessively large beds can make the generated heat to expel.

#2. Power Consumption

Heated cat beds have varying power consumption. Some have a relatively low wattage of about 4 Watts, while some can be as high as 40W. The power rating determines how it can be powered and how much heat it can generate. Be sure to double-check the power rating before making a buy.

#4. Water Resistance

You don’t want to see your cat wet. Exposure to wetness and cold can put your cats in dire health conditions. If you are considering buying a bed for outdoor purposes, ensure it is water-resistant. Else it will get soaked with moisture that can put your feline pets in bad shape. Water-resistant cat beds are often made of polyester materials.

#2. Indoor or Outdoor

Indoor cat beds are built with materials that cannot withstand the sun’s harsh temperature or cold conditions like rain and snow. They are essentially not water-resistant. Outdoor beds, on the other hand, are tough enough to withstand any harsh weather conditions. Some beds can serve as both. Which do you prefer? Think it through and make your choice.


7 Best Heated Cat Beds Reviews

Now we’ve brought you up to speed on the basics of heated cat bed, let’s take a look at them and their distinguishing features.

#1. K&H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House, Insulated Shelter

This product from K&H is for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Outdoor use includes barns, garages, porches, and just anywhere else your cat chooses to lay its head.

It comes in both heated and unheated models. The heated version comes with a 20 watts heater. It has been tested and certified by Met labs to go beyond the USA/CA electrical safety standards.This kitty house is made with 600 denier nylon and vinyl backing that makes it water-resistant. 

Even more impressive, it comes with two exits so your pet will never be trapped by predators or worse still, fire outbreak. Each exit has a removable clear door flap. This kitty house comes in a barn design color that’s so irresistibly fun.


  • Comes with two exits doors
  • Exits have removable clear door flaps
  • Heated version is made of water-resistant material
  • 20 Watts heater
  • Can fit 1 – 2 big cats comfortably
  • USA/CCA Electrical Safety certified


  • None

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#2. K&H Pet Products A-Frame Multi-Kitty Outdoor Heated Kitty House

The triangular-shaped K & H A-Frame Multi-Kitty Outdoor Heated Kitty House is another great cat house.

It’s also available in heated and unheated models giving you the luxury of choice. What’s most stunning about this piece is its spaciousness. About four kittens can comfortably snuggle in this masterpiece and find warmth. It is great for outdoor purposes such as barns, porches, garages, sheds. And just in case you’re not tech-savvy, this piece is pretty easy for you to assemble without breaking a sweat as it comes in hook and loop fastener.

This heated kitty house includes a medium K & H Lectro soft outdoor heated bed. It also has two exits for safety purposes. It has been tested and meets MET Electrical Safety Standards.


  • Very spacious
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • Great for indoor or outdoor cats
  • Heated and unheated models
  • Can fit 1 – 2 adult cats comfortably
  • 40 Watts heater


  • It will easily lose heat if only one cat stays inside

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#3. K&H Pet Products Extra-Wide Olive Outdoor Cat Shelter

This MET Safety listed kitty house is another perfect option for a home with multiple cats. It has heated and unheated variants.

The heated version has a 20 Watts MET Safety Listed Lectro-Soft Heated Bed for indoor and outdoor purposes. The exterior surface is water-resistant, made from 600-denier Polyester that fends off rain and snow. It is complemented with solid walls and roofs that ensure maximum durability.There are two exits for security purposes, and both have removable clear door flaps to sustain the temperature of the house. All the electrical fittings have been certified by MET Laboratories to exceed the electrical safety standards of the USA and Canada.


  • Heated and unheated variants
  • 20 Watts heater
  • Lectro soft bed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Can fit 1 – 2 adult cats comfortably
  • MET Laboratories certified


  • The power rating is higher than some other cat beds

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#4. K&H Pet Products Heated Pet Bed Round Leopard Print

The first thing to appeal to you about this deluxe bed is the mocha/leopard print. And then, you’d probably notice the soft, fluffy poly-filled pillow which is nothing shy of cushiony and dreamy.

Unlike most other cat houses, this one comes with a removable cover, which means it can also be machine washed. You can remove it by unzipping the inside ortho-foam wall. It also features a dual thermostat and a 4 Watts heater, which can warm up from 10 – 15 degrees. The 5.5′ electrical cord is insulated to avoid any occurrence of domestic fire accident. All its electrical compositions satisfy the MET Laboratories Electrical safety standards.


  • 4 Watts heater
  • Consumes little electricity
  • Removable cover for easy maintenance 
  • It comes in two different sizes: 16 inches and 20 inches
  • MET Laboratories certified


  • For indoor use only
  • It doesn’t heat much

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#5. PETYELLA Heated Outdoor Cat House Weatherproof

This aesthetically pleasing cat house wowed us on sight. It’s not only appealing to the eyes, but it was also built with functionality in mind. 

The Petyella Heated Outdoor Cat House is a water-resistant cat house for cats weighing less than 25 pounds. It’s pretty easy to assemble and comes with two removable flap doors.For heightened safety, the electrical cord is chew-proof to save your cats from dangers of electric shock. It also comes with safety buckles on both sides of the structure to protect it against heavy winds and storms. 


  • Chew proof cord
  • Preheated cat mat
  • Padded bottom
  • Can house 1 – 4 cats comfortably
  • Safety buckles on each side


  • Due to its large space, it can easily lose heat when it’s not plugged to a power supply

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#6. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Round Cat Bed 

The Thermo Kitty Heated Cat Bed is yet another great from K & H Pet Products. It is like a round cup with soft foam walls that offers great comfort for your cats. It has an electric bed that is thermostatically controlled to adjust to changes in temperature.

It comes with a removable cover that offers ease of wash. This is an indoor cat house and cannot be used for outdoor purposes.It has a power rating of only 4 watts and can heat to a range of 10 – 15 degrees above ambient temperature. The heater is removable and can be stripped off during summer.


  • Removable thermostat
  • Soft foam walls
  • Low wattage, of 4 watts
  • Removable cover
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • It comes in two sizes: 16 inches and 18 inches
  • Exceed MET Laboratories Electric Safety standards


  • It’s not ideal for outdoor use

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#7. K&H Soft Heating Cat Pad

The K & H Lectro- soft Heated pet bed is an orthopedic remake of the older Lectro kennel design. This Lectro-Soft is the only indoor/outdoor orthopedic foam that has been produced to date. However, fear not if you were a Lectro kennel fan as it still retains trademark Lectro-kennel features.

On the outside, this bed is made of waterproof, DVC materials that aid mobility, flexibility, and movement. The Lectro-Soft bed has a thermostatically controlled heater designed never to exceed the normal temperature of your pet and a removable and washable fleece crafted for additional warmth/heat.Better news still, this item is not difficult to maintain as you can use a damp rag to clean. As you’d expect from every bed we’ve reviewed for you, this bed is economical and uses low wattage in its everyday consumption.


  • Made of waterproof, DVC material
  • It has a dynamic thermostat that maintains the temperature of your cat
  • It can accommodate only one cat.
  • Made for indoor/outdoor purposes


  • Not suitable for cats that are destructive

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There you have it! Our very best of heated beds. While you’re struggling to make up your mind, we urge you to decide based on the earlier factors we outlined. Who else is afraid of winter now!

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