5 Best Kitten Foods 2020

Interestingly, when you choose the best kitten foods for your juvenile kitties, they are less likely to have an upset as they go through their growth stage. Just like optimum nutrition starts from babyhood in human, proper nutrition starts from kittenhood.

Don’t forget that kittens use almost three times more energy than adult cats. This indicates that you need to feed them more. Otherwise, they may find it difficult to meet their calorie requirements. And this often makes kittens lethargic.

In this informative piece, you’ll find all the tips and guide to you need in feeding your cat right and some of the best product on the market.

Here are the dry kitten foods we’ll be reviewing:


Here are the wet kitten foods we’ll be reviewing:


Choosing The Best Kitten Foods


Compared to older cats, your kittens require a different kind of nutrition. They grow rapidly, and their various stages of development require a special diet.

Below are some of the things you should consider when buying kitten foods.

Ingredients and Nutrients

The right kitten foods should have enough ingredients and adequate nutrients to enhance your kitten’s development.

Generally, veterinarians recommend a diet that has enough protein and fats, with added nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. This will support the overall health of your kitten.

Don’t forget that your cat’s dietary needs will change as they grow older. So, you will eventually have to change the feeding habit as your cat becomes older.

Flavor and Texture

Most kittens have one thing in common – they are very picky. This is why you should choose the right flavor and texture your cat enjoys. Otherwise, you may end up spending money on food that your kitten will not eat.

High-Calorie Content

The calorie content is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right kitten food. I advised you to go for foods whose calorie are sourced from protein and fats, not carbohydrates.

Most of the calories your kittens consume are needed for the formation and development of tissues and organs.

Dry or Wet Food

You also need to consider whether you are getting dry or wet food for your kitten. Irrespective of the food type you decide to choose for your kitten, always remember to feed your little pet with foods that are nutritionally complete and balanced.


Best Dry Kitten Foods Reviews


Against what most people believe, kittens can actually eat dry food. In fact, you can start feeding your kittens with dry food when between two and four weeks after their birth.

It is advisable to make your kitten get used to dry food. This is because when your cats get used to eating both wet and dry food, they are likely to be less picky.

Also, dry kitten food is great for free-feeding because they don’t get spoilt easily. This means it has a very long shelf life.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Kitten, Chicken Recipe

This is a dry kitten food with high-quality protein that will help your kitten builds lean muscles. It has DHA from fish oil that helps to enhance a healthy brain and eye development in your kitten. It also gives your kitten balanced minerals that make their bones stronger and teeth healthier.

It has made with five different ingredients including; chicken, whole grain wheat, corn gluten meal, chicken fat, and whole grain corn.What I love so much about this food is that it doesn’t contain artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, unknown meat ingredients, etc. The ingredients are all natural, and it is veterinarian recommended.

When feeding your kitten with this food, you need to adjust the feeding amount. This will help to maintain optimal weight. If you are not sure of the feeding amount, you can consult your veterinarian.

What I don’t like about this food is the fact that it contains corn and wheat. This could cause allergies to your kitten.

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Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Dry Cat Food

The Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition is another great dry food for your kitten. It is designed for kittens between 4 months and 1 year. This food delivers the necessary nutrition your kitten needs to reach his potential.

It has an exclusive combination of antioxidants and vitamins that support the development of your kitten’s immune system.

Also, this food combines highly digestible proteins, prebiotics, and fibers that aid the development of kittens’ digestive system.Since every kitten requires high-energy in this stage of their growth, this food delivers a mix of proteins, minerals, and vitamins to boost the energy level of your kitten.

It comes in small textures that are easy to chew. This is great for your kitten’s mouth and emerging teeth.

Ordinarily, this dry kitten food is awesome. But most of the protein comes from brown rice, corn gluten meal, wheat gluten, brewer rice. Cats always have reactions to gluten corn and wheat. Also, it doesn’t contain actual meat, only chicken by-products, and chicken fats.

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Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Cat Food, Kitten

The Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry kitten food is very affordable with high-quality nutrition. It contains chicken and turkey meal as a concentrated source of protein with carbohydrates like potatoes and peas.

This food contains chicken fat, which provides a nutrient-rich energy source to your kitten. Also, it contains omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics.Whole Earth Farms Grain Free dry kitten food has a variety of minerals such as potassium iodide, sodium selenite, cobalt glucoheptonate, etc. It also contains the following vitamins; folic acid, biotin, riboflavin, etc., all these improves your kitten’s immune system.

It has optimal moisture content, this will keep your kitten hydrated all time, especially during summer.

The complaint about this kitten food is the odor is much. But if you don’t have a problem with the smell, it is the right choice of dry kitten food.

Also, it contains specific plant protein like potatoes and peas, some kittens don’t really like them.

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Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula Dry Kitten Food

This dry kitten food is made with real chicken as its main ingredient. It contains Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that improves kittens’ vision and brain development.

With 46g of protein per cup, Purina One Healthy kitten formula is the right dry food to help your kitten develop a healthy heart and strong muscles.

Also, it contains omega-6 fatty acids that give your kitten healthy skin and radiant coat.The kibbles are crunchy and small enough for your kitten to eat. It also reduces plaque buildup and whitens your kitten’s teeth.

It contains Taurine (A special ingredient that promotes strong vision) and Vitamin E, which helps your kitten to build a robust immune system.

This dry food is not only for kittens. You can also feed pregnant female cats with this food during their nursing stage. This will ensure that the cat-mom has enough milk for the kittens.

However, some people who bought this dry food complained that it made their kitten poop stinky.

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Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dry Kitten Food

Purina Pro Plan High Protein dry kitten food is chicken, it contains rice formula. It contains 41% protein; this meets your kitten’s nutritional needs.

It contains omega-3 fatty acid designed to nourish your kitten’s brain and develop his vision. It is very rich in antioxidants, which help to support the development of your kitten’s immune system.It contains calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals which help to build strong teeth and bones. It offers 100 percent balanced and complete nutrition for your kitten’s overall wellness and health.

From my experience of using this product, I think it has a great taste your kitten will love, especially if he is the picky type.

This dry food is also recommended for reproducing female cats in their gestation and lactation stage. But you need to feed the actual amount to maintain ideal body condition in your pregnant female cat.

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Best Wet Kitten Foods Reviews


The benefits of wet food to your kitten cannot be overemphasized. For a start, wet food gives better overall hydration to your kitten.

Naturally, your kittens tend to avoid still or standing water. This is because standing water is sometimes a breeding ground for insects and bacteria.

When your kitten is not adequately hydrated, it may affect his health. This is because cats need water for chemical reactions in their body, temperature regulation, and joint mobility.

However, when you feed your kitten with wet food, he will get to drink more water. Even though this can’t replace water, it will help improve your kitten overall hydration.

Wet food also adds more variety. Cats quickly get bored with their food. But with variety added to it, they will start craving for it. So, your kitten is likely to eat more when you feed him with wet food.

Purina Pro Plan Kitten Canned Wet Cat Food

Purina is always at the forefront when it comes to high-quality wet cat food. It comes with great ingredients and meets the nutritional standard set by AAFCO cat nutrient profiles.

It is grain free and gluten free. So, you don’t need to bother about allergies issue for your kitten.

This wet food has a high-quality protein from the animal. It doesn’t contain preservatives which may be harmful to your kitten.Furthermore, the ingredients in this wet food are specially made for kittens. With this brand of wet food, you don’t need to provide supplementary nutrients for your kitten as it has all the nutrients your kitten needs to thrive.

It contains omega 3 fatty acid which promotes brain and vision development in your kitten. It has other essential nutrients that help to nourish your kitten’s immune system.

I think this wet food is an excellent choice for your kittens during their first year.

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Royal Canin Kitten Thin Slice in Gravy Canned Cat Food

This wet kitten food is formulated for easy digestion. It comes in small and thin slices in gravy. This food is suitable for kitten between one and four months that are still in their weaning stage.

The high nutrient content in this food makes digestion and processing easy. It gives overall better hydration to your kitten. Again, it has a blend of balance fats, proteins, and carbs that your kitten will definitely like.It may interest you to know that this wet food has antioxidants that strengthen the immune system of your cat, thus enabling your kitten to fight illnesses and infections.

It contains fiber and probiotics that are easy on your kitten’s stomach. Also, it is low in calorie count, this makes it perfect for maintaining a healthy weight and eating habits.

Generally, I love this food because it helps kitten with skin problems and effective in stopping bowel movement.

However, some cat owners are complaining about its exorbitant price, and some kittens don’t like the chunks in the food.

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Instinct Kitten Grain Free Real Chicken Wet Canned Cat Food

This wet food is made with real cage-free chicken. It contains 95% chicken, liver, turkey, 5% wholesome vegetables, fruits, and 0% grains.

It contains super cat foods like cranberries, broccoli, pumpkins, blueberries, cabbage, etc. which increase the nutritional value of the food.

Also, it doesn’t have any artificial color or preservatives. It doesn’t contain potato, soy, wheat, corn, carrageenan, by-product meals, and other ingredients that your kitten may react to.It contains animal protein which gives your kitten strong and lean muscles. Also, the omega -3 fatty acid content support your kitten’s brain and eye development.

The pate textures are so delicious that even the pickiest kitten will love it. If your kitten has kidney disease, this is a suitable wet food choice for him.

It is relatively expensive. But if you have the means to get this food for your kitten, I think it worth investing in.

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IAMS Perfect Portions Grain Free Wet Cat Food Pate (24 Twin Packs)

The IAMS Perfect Portions Grain Free Wet Cat Food features two special meal that keeps your kitten satisfied. It contains complete and balanced nutrition for the wellness of your kitten. It doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives and promotes a healthy instinct growth for your kitten. Also, it contains DHA which promotes the development of your kitten brain as well as better vision.The IAMS Perfect Portions Grain Free is produced with additional vitamin E to support a healthy immune system for your kitten. With this, your cat will enjoy a lifetime of health and fun.

You will seldom find messes of leftovers around your home when feeding your kitten this food. They will naturally love the taste and smells. And it is a veterinarian recommended wet kitten food.

Some people who bought this food complained that their kittens had diarrhea after using it. Also, it is relatively expensive compared to other brands.

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Purina Fancy Feast Kitten Canned Wet Cat Food

The Purina Fancy Feast Kitten wet cat food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing kittens.

The number one ingredient of this wet food is real chicken or salmon. And it has 100% complete and balanced nutrition that your kitten needs to thrive. With this food, you will certainly be giving your kittens the mouth-watering entrees they love. It contains real milk and other high-quality ingredients.

It contains essential vitamins and minerals which support your kitten’s overall health. The pate texture is smooth and easy for your kittens to chew, this will give them a delectable taste with every bite.

But if you have a picky kitten, he will certainly not like this flavor because of its smell.

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Final Words


When it comes to feeding kittens, most veterinarians agree – feed your kitten with a blend of quality wet food and a healthy dry food meal. This will make your little felines have a well-balanced diet.

There are several wet kitten foods out there with by-products. And experts believed that there is a correlation between pet disease and by-product in the cat’s diet. This is why you have to choose the right food for your kitten. Otherwise, the whole feeding idea may be counterproductive.

While most people think that wet foods are healthier and more nutritious than most dry food, I think dry food still plays a vital role in the nourishment and healthy growth of your kitten.




**Disclaimer: Our cat food reviews are based mostly on the information provided by the manufacturers. We do test many cat foods (with our cat’’s help), but we can’t test them all. As such, please remember the above recommendations are our opinions, and you should consult your vet before making changes to your cat’s diet.

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